120401 Haul *Everbest Black Wedge*

Here I come again.. It's a bit gap with my last posting...
Not really know what I should write so just a little hiatus for this blog...

Okay, what i wanna introduce is,, my new little black wedge...
I will use it as my every day office shoes..
My old one has broken,, it's not that poor but i don't wanna been looked bad, so i decided to get a new one,, and this is it...

And honestly, it's the most expensive shoes i have ever bought..
Crazy to think about it, but i'm a working woman now so why not..

Take a look for this tiny black thing,,,
Bye bye...

120226 Haul *Rectangular White Blazer*

I just don't have any idea what i should post here..
so, when i came with a new stuff i have just bought i'll just make it an excuse to post something here... poor me... :(

no more longer conversation.. now i'll introduce u to a new member to my wardrobe...
taraaaaaa........ it's my 1st non-black blazer..
finally, i got it..
i just fell in love with this kind of blazer while watched a variety show a couple days ago..
a member of an idol group wore a rectangular motif of white blazer, and it's it...
it's not exactly that look-a-like, but just a similar one and that thing make my mood for this whole day....

just check it out ;)

120212 Haul *Black Blazer*

"Saturday" and "Sunday" always be my fave couple day in years, but not for these 2 months...
I just got my "In-House Training" schedule which'll be holding from February to March this year...
Though I'm a little bit happy with this training which are held by the company I work in, I'm a little sad with the schedule...
I have my beautiful "Saturday" full of studying... :(

No complaint anymore, I just have to enjoy my only fave day now,, and that's right It's just my "Sunday".. ;)

This beautiful "Sunday" as usual was filled with my relaxing shopping day just with my mom..
I always do shopping day with my sister and my mom, and sometimes my brother decides to follow us, but today was different..
My sister got her day booked with her school day friend and left us dating.. :D

So, I just got my date shopping day with my mom..
Enjoy the chicken porridge with hot mochacino then wash our eyes with some new latest fashion...

Since our pocket are in pain due to the latest Chinese New Year which had taken a lot of our saving so we couldn't do much about our desire to spend money for some consume things.. :( so sad...

No doubt it didn't mean I didn't buy anything, coz I took a thing to my "Sunday" haul, and yesss I bought something..
It's a black cool blazer for me and why I bought this thing coz I always get my body freeze while studying at "In-House-Training"..
I can't understand why I'm freezing while another don't...
So my mom waste her money again for a sake to her freezing daughter... XDDD
I'm so happy though and decided to take a big care for my new blazer...
Thank u mom,, I love u... ;)

Now some pictshoot session for my new blackie.. ;)

I'm Back !!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like the title, I just wanna say that I'm back to this blog...

I know for sure that some of my loyal visitors might think that this blog had dead, but it's NOT..
The owner (it's ME) just got some hard and busy time during my college day,, and you're right it was my THESIS!!!


But, i've passed ALL that confusing thing by graduating my Bachelor degree...
Thank you so much for ALL supporting I got from ALL people around Me...

It's too late for posting this,, but BETTER than NEVER...
So, in my 1st posting after my long hiatus (1st in 2011 :D) i just wanna report my comeback, and of course I'll ABSOLUTELY re-birth this blog..
I'm just thinking to change this blog topic since I've changed now..
Left school and college day by coming into the working world...
So, let me think first about what would fill my lovely mini blog ...


Last world,, happy weekend Guys!!
Enjoy your Saturday night b'coz Sunday would go faster than you think...

[DOWNLOAD] Jae Joong/Yoo Chun - Colors Melody and Harmony *Requested by Fia*

Hero Jae Joong & Micky Yoo Chun - COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~.mp3 [download]

[DOWNLOAD] SS501 - Destination

Release Date: 24.05.2010
Language: Korean
Genre: Dance Pop/Ballad
Bit Rate: 320kbps


01 - SS501 - Let Me Be The One (그게 나라고..).mp3 [download]
02 - SS501 - Love Ya.mp3 [download]
03 - SS501 - Crazy 4 U.mp3 [download]
04 - SS501 - 영원토록.mp3 [download]
05 - SS501 - Let Me Be The One (그게 나라고..) (Acoustic Ver.).mp3 [download]
06 - SS501 - Love Ya (Inst.).mp3 [download]

Cover Picture => here

[DOWNLOAD] Ost Wish Upon Star *Requested By OT*

Tracklist :

01 - Stars Falling from the Sky – KARA.mp3 [download]
02 - 그대니까(내 사랑 너니까) – Monday Kiz.mp3 [download]
03 - Perhaps – Jaycade.mp3 [download]
04 - 눈물의 거리 – Jun Ha.mp3 [download]
05 - I Am a Mother – Ji Hye.mp3 [download]
06 - Once Again – Gong Bo Kyung.mp3 [download]
07 - 희망을 찾아서 (instr).mp3 [download]
08 - 그리운 가족 (instr).mp3 [download]
09 - 별의 노래 (instr).mp3 [download]
10 - 사랑의 상처 (instr).mp3 [download]
11 - 거짓된 진실 (instr).mp3 [download]
12 - 무지개 동네 (instr).mp3 [download]
13 - 달려라 신불자 (instr).mp3 [download]
14 - 행복 예감 (instr).mp3 [download]
15 - 아픔의 눈물 (instr).mp3 [download]
16 - I Am a Mother (instr).mp3 [download]
17 - Warm-Hearted – Yeedam (instr).mp3 [download]
18 - Drunk – Yellow String Boys (instr).mp3 [download]
19 - PM Creative (P2) – Main Street.mp3 [download]
20 - Magic (Feat.Nah Hyeon) – Blue Sorbet.mp3 [download]
21 - Lullaby – eniac.mpe [download]

FULL Album Download => here


Artist: MBLAQ
Released: 2010.05.18
Language: Korean


01 - MBLAQ - Y.mp3 [download]


Super Junior - Bonamana
Genre: Pop/Dance
Release Date: 2010.05.10
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 320kbps

Tracklist :

01 - Super Junior - Bonamana.mp3 [download]

[DOWNLOAD] 2AM - Personal Taste OST (Part 5)

Release Date : 2010.04.21
Genre : Ballad
Language : Korean
Bitrate : 320k


01 - 2AM - 바보처럼.mp3 [download]