Kaoru Hitachiin

First Name =Kaoru=
Last Name =Hitachiin=
Japanese Way =Hitachiin Kaoru=
Bangs Part =Left (Reader's POV)=
Birthday =June 9=
Sign =Gemini=
Height =5 feet 9 inches=
Blood Type =B=
School =Ouran High School (Private Institution)=
Grade =1st Year, Class A=
Status =Wealthy lineage=
Favorite Subjects =English, Modern Literature=
Favorite Foods =Italian, Anything super spicy=
=One word for his personality is "dry". Very avid about things they are interested in but quite apathetic toward things they are not.=
=Unlike Tamaki, he is wholly calculating in his customers relations. He thinks women are easy. Still, he's just a kid, so he sometimes does unexpected things.=
=He's not really partial to spicy foods, so much as being contrary by eating whatever's "so fiery that nobody else dares try it." He does love maple syrup, though. Perhaps not the most ideal dining companions.=

gothic.quincy self-opinion :
"Kao-chan is really a very kind brother. He loves his twins brother more than himself... He tries to help his brother's love story but his brother it was failed by his brother's ego... Actually, he's a quite boy but he's being so noisy while being with his brother... I love him so much..."


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