Seijuro Shin

Seijuro Shin (進 清十郎 Shin Seijūrō) is a fictional character of Eyeshield 21. The ace linebacker of the Ojo White Knights American football team and Sena Kobayakawa's main rival. Shin is a silent, seemingly unsociable person. Despite this, his friends include his teammates Haruto Sakuraba and Makoto Otawara. After the Ojo's coach, Shoji Gunpei, noticed his talent when he first tried out for the Ojo American football team with Sakuraba, he told the seniors to make sure Shin never gets recruited by any other club than the American football club.

gothic.quincy self-opinion :
"Sei-chan is so cute... Hahaha... With all his huge muscles, he's still looked cute to me... ^^ Sometimes, he shows his innocence face that make me melt ~_^... I wish he would be the best American Football player in Japan and always can beat the main character... Keep spirit Sei-chan..."


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